Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing for Flat Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs are the ideal roofing type for flat roofs. SPF roofs eliminate weak points that typically leak in flat roofs and have an infinite lifespan if maintained properly. They’re also extremely energy-efficient in our hot AZ desert climate.

Have a flat roof? Ready to find out more about a quality SPF application?

The Last Flat Roof You’ll Ever Need

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about repairing, replacing, or installing a completely new flat roof for your residence or business in Arizona. There’s also a good chance you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the many details to weigh and consider, regarding flat roofs in particular.

Common Customer Roofing Concerns

  • What type of roof is best for my needs?
  • Should I replace my roof, or can I extend its life with repairs?
  • How can I get the biggest bang for my buck?

Let’s be honest – with a typical good roof needing to be replaced between 10 and 20 years, it can be a pain to have to deal with all the tedious aspects of roofing research… yet again!

What if we told you that you might never have to replace your roof again? And at the same time, you could increase your energy efficiency, lower your electric bill, and help the environment? For flat roofs in Phoenix, Arizona, Landmark Roofing’s spray foam roof can deliver all these and more.

Below, we are going to cover the two most common kinds of flat roofing technologies and explain why our recommended polyurethane foam roof has proven itself far superior to other flat roof types in our 40+ years of experience, and should be your consideration for your next flat roof.

Is a Foam Roof Right For You?

Foam roofs in Arizona are more durable, more environmentally-friendly, and more affordable in the long run than their outdated competitor: rubber single-ply roofs. Because foam roofs can be so easily tailored and adjusted to your roof’s specific needs, many people find that they are the better choice.

For example, foam roofs are well-known for being able to help prevent standing water and debris from accumulating – something that is much more complicated, if not impossible, with a single-ply roof.

But even with all these advantages, you may still be wondering if a foam roof is the best choice for you. And it may not be.

Spray Foam Roof in Phoenix
Asphalt Shingle Roof in Phoenix
Spanish Tile Roof in Phoenix

Foam Roofs are Basically for Flat Roofs ONLY

Believe it or not, foam roofs can are an excellent alternative to the more traditional shingle and tile roofs commonly found in Arizona. Not only are they a light-weight and affordable roofing solution suitable to our climate, but their theoretically-endless life makes them particularly desirable.

Unfortunately, despite these advantages, they almost exclusively are limited to flat roofs for one of two reasons:

Traditional Roof Aesthetics Exclude Foam

Foam roofing isn’t considered as attractive as tile or shingle roofs when viewed from the ground, so those methods are still preferred for pitched roofs for purely aesthetic reasons.

Foam Roofs Aren’t Allowed by HOAs

Most HOAs in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, and other parts of the valley will not allow a different roof type than the adjacent houses, so converting to foam roofing can be impossible, depending on where you live.

If you have a pitched roof, foam roofing probably isn’t for you, and it’s generally safe to say that your best bet is to go with another roof style. Feel free to check out our asphalt shingling services!

Otherwise, keep reading to find out how foam roofing may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Polyurethane Foam Roofs: The Clear Flat Roof Winner

First off, what are foam roofs, exactly?

Foam roofs are a monolithic one-piece application of polyurethane foam that does not need any mechanical fastening. Once it is sprayed on and dries, it stays put, permanently. Compared to other forms of roofing, the installation process is actually relatively easy.

Before & After a Spray Foam Roof Install in Phoenix

To start the process, we will first make the foam from a mix of isocyanate and polyol in a sprayer, and apply it to the surface of your roof as a liquid, which will bubble up and expand as it dries. The drying will take less than a minute, and the expansion will fill the cracks and crevices in the roof, making the whole surface water-tight.

We will then apply another layer of protective coating on top of the foam, which will shield the foam from the elements. Since the foam itself isn’t UV-protected, this outer layer is a crucial step in the process and will ensure that the final roof is virtually indestructible.

Once the layers are applied and dried, you’re set. Your roof will now last untold ages if properly maintained, and will outlive you, your children, and your children’s children!

Foam Roofs are Renewable, Sustainable, and Energy-Efficient

There are three advantages of foam roofs in Arizona that really stand out:

Foam Roofs Help You Save Electricity

Foam is a highly effective insulation material, and our high-quality foam roofs provide an R-7 insulation. In the hot Phoenix summers, this can be especially helpful in preventing heat from getting into your living spaces, which will in turn help you save both energy and money on your electric bill.

Foam Roofs are Infinitely Durable

If you properly maintain the protective coating, you can realize big savings in not having to install a completely new roof after 10-20 years, like tile or shingle roofs. The recoating foam costs about 25-35% of a new roof, and it can be maintained indefinitely, which will help you save significantly in the long run.

Foam Roofs are Sustainable

The infinite potential durability of foam roofs also has a significant environmental benefit: it keeps roofing materials like shingles and rubber ply out of landfills.

Already have a foam roof? Not sure if it’s time to get it recoated or not? Contact us for a free inspection or learn more about foam roof re-coatings.

Foam Roofs Prevent Pooling, Draining, and Leaking Problems


If your roof has any trouble areas where water tends to pool and does not drain, we’ve got good news!

These can easily be fixed with a professional foam roof application from Landmark Roofing. We can slope these troublesome areas with the foam to eliminate standing water and pooling, which in turn keeps weak points from developing on your roof.

The spray-on application also helps make any other structures on the roof water-tight. Air conditioners, ducts, and parapet walls all commonly have issues with leaks. Since our foam roof application experience at Landmark Roofing goes back over 40 years, we make sure to check out these problem areas beforehand and see that they’re properly fixed before our job is over.

Just beware of some low-grade contractors who don’t take into account weather and temperature. Improper application can compromise the roof and lead to premature failure points and leaks.

Spray Foam vs Rubber Single-Ply Roofing

At some point in your flat roof research journey, you will probably come across the other popular contender for a flat roof solution: rubber single-ply roofing.

It’s true — single-ply roofing is definitely an option to consider. And there is one main advantage of this type of roof that foam roofing cannot match. On average, it’s about 25% cheaper than the cost to install a regular foam roof, so it’s pretty easy to see why this is an attractive candidate for those looking into flat roofing options.

Unfortunately, despite the low cost, we don’t consider this advantage of single-ply roofs great enough to even remotely outweigh the cons, which all center around its lack of durability.

In general, they are harder to install, due to their many pieces (as opposed to the single, spray-on monolithic application of foam roofs), they are more prone to puncture and gouging, and they don’t tend to last nearly as long as foam roofs.


Rubber Single-ply Roofing (before) vs Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing (after)

There was a time when we did offer single-ply roofing services, but these days, we find it hard to justify the many disadvantages that come with this type of roofing, so we personally don’t install any new rubber single-ply roofing anymore.

We also provide a deeper discussion about the pros and cons of single-ply roofing on our blog.

Honestly, we recommend going with foam roofing instead.

Landmark Roofing: Over 40 Years of Flat Roofing Experience

So why Landmark Roofing? Why should you trust us with your foam roofing job?

Great question.

We’ll just start by saying this isn’t our first time around the block. With over 40 years of experience at Landmark Roofing, we know what we’re doing. Our foam roofs aren’t just good – they’re great. By consistently combining top-quality materials with our decades of experience, we provide long-lasting and durable roofing solutions across Arizona that satisfy our clients’ needs every time.

In general, people tend to notice three things that set us apart from the crowd:

We guarantee our labor for an unprecedented 10 years.

Our tried-and-true roofing methods ensure our applications are completely free of defects, and we never cut corners. You can rest easy knowing that leaks are a thing of the past.

We’ve been installing foam roofs across Arizona since 1979.

Our 40 years of experience have made us one of the top foam installation roof companies not just in the state of Arizona, but in the country. We aren’t going to practice installing this kind of system on your roof like newer companies might – we already have industry-leading methods well established that have worked for us for over four decades.

We only use the best and most durable materials.

Which, in industry terms, means we only use UL-rated material – many contractors do not. You won’t find any homemade, bathtub-mixed material with our foam roofing jobs. We’ll ensure that your Arizona foam roof stands up to the harsh desert elements for years to come.

We’ve found that these three factors really do make a difference. Before choosing a company for your roofing job, we’d strongly encourage you to look into whether a company is up-to-par in these areas.

When you choose Landmark Roofing for your foam roofing needs, you can rest assured you’re choosing a company that will apply your new roof with the utmost quality and service. Our diverse experience in a number of different roofs gives us a competitive edge and confidence to meet your roofing needs, whatever they are. After 40 years of experience, your home won’t catch us off guard—we’ll handle any problem or challenge that comes up.

If you’re ready to start a roofing project, or would like to have a professional roofing company come inspect your roof, contact Landmark Roofing today.

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