Although spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs are known for their resilience, what really makes them tough is their outer coating. The outer coating is applied after the foam itself has been put down, and acts as a shield to the elements. If you have a foam roof, it has a separate outer coating that was applied – and hopefully is still intact!

Think of the outer coating of a foam roof like the hard candy shell around an M&M. That outer shell is there to protect the chocolate (the foam roof) – from being compromised from heat, contact with other objects, etc. Your foam roof coating protects your foam roof from water, debris, foot traffic, and more. Most importantly in Arizona, the protective coating is UV-resistant and extremely reflective, ensuring the harsh desert sun cannot break down or compromise your foam roof.

Despite its resilience, the protective coating on a foam roof eventually does needs be recoated. Doing so ensures the infinite lifespan of the foam roof beneath and also maximizes energy efficiency. We recommend recoating your foam roof every 8 to 10 years in our harsh desert climate. This is by far the most important maintenance aspect of your foam roof. If recoated in a timely and responsible manner, your foam roof will outlive you, your children and your children’s children!

The biggest factor for foam roof recoatings is weather conditions. Different times of year require different application methods, and temperatures are incredibly important. Unfortunately in the desert, with minimal humidity most of the year, we can have massive temperature swings. If the temperature is too high for the chosen application or if too much is applied, the coating will tend to bubble and develop weak spots. In the winter if too much is applied, then the coating will not dry fast enough and it can be compromised. But in both cases, if you apply too little, then you aren’t getting enough protection either. Luckily, this is where our 40+ years of expertise come in.

Product Quality and DIY Foam Recoating Solutions

Quality is also incredibly important for spray foam roof recoatings. Many of our competitors will use cheap products that are made such by watering down the solution. The most expensive products you can buy for foam roof recoatings are actually the cheapest, as you get far more for your money. Yes, you’ll pay more per-gallon, but you’ll end up with more product on your roof between the elements and your foam. You get what you pay for, and then some.

Quality (or lack thereof) is the main reason we recommend avoiding DIY recoating solutions from stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. The products they sell are so watered down and weak, we can’t endorse or recommend using any of them. If you’re hellbent on recoating yourself (which we don’t recommend for something as crucial as the roof over your head) at least contact us and we can discuss the correct high-quality products to use. However, we strongly urge you to let a professional do this properly. It’s affordable, and well worth the investment in your roof. Contact us at Landmark Roofing today for an estimate on getting your foam roof recoated.

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