What do the grocery store, bowling alley, and a growing number of homes all have in common? Odds are, they’re all flat roofed. A lot of residences in Peoria have similarly flat roofs, and spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the most common roofing material applied. It is cost efficient, easily installed, water resistant, and it helps insulates homes through all seasons. If your home has a flat roof, it is worth considering a polyurethane spray foam roofing system as a safe and effective solution. Read on to learn about all the reasons it is one of the most popular roofing systems in Peoria.`

Application of Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing in Peoria is used in both residential and commercial roofing applications. The application of polyurethane foam is relatively cheap, with a short installation window, but is typically only used on flat roofs. This is largely in part because Arizona residents have developed a preference for asphalt shingles on pitched roofs since they provide more texture than foam, but spray polyurethane foam is the prevailing winner on residential flat roofs. Flat roofs are almost always unable to be seen from ground level, so how they look from above is not a concern. Many commercial buildings opt for flat roofing to save on energy, and the insulation provided by spray foam helps with that. As a result, most flat roofing in Peoria is covered by polyurethane foam, this being the most affordable and sustainable option.

The installation of spray foam roofing is a simple process. First, the existing roof is cleared of any debris or dirt, so that the spray foam can be applied cleanly. The foam is sprayed across the roof, filling in every nook and cranny, adapting to whatever landscape your roof is made of. If you have any existing trouble areas, including areas prone to flooding, these can be taken care of during installation, which better protects your roof! Any equipment already on your roof, such as air conditioners or ventilation units, is safe to remain right where it is. The foam spray goes right around it, and may even protect it from leaks.

The application of the foam is a very quick process, and it may be possible to install without interrupting your day. It only takes about one day for the foam to dry, and afterwards it can be walked on freely. Unlike other roofing systems, spray foam roofing doesn’t require removing the existing roof in most cases, resulting in a quicker install and great savings.


If you would like a free inspection to see if polyurethane spray foam roofing in Peoria might be for you, contact Landmark Roofing today for a free inspection.

Advantages of Polyurethane Spray Foam

Not sure if your Peoria home calls for a polyurethane spray foam system? Here’s a quick rundown of the competitive advantages of spray foam.

Spray foam is adaptable. It is applied evenly across surfaces, filling in any gaps or dips, and hiding any seams. It doesn’t matter what your roof looks like, even if it has slopes and curves—as long as the spray can be applied to it, the expanding properties of the material will ensure it all gets covered. Since the foam is applied evenly, it will prevent pools of water from forming on your roof.

Spray foam is weatherproof. When the weather heats up or cools down, spray foam contracts or expands with the home, preventing cracks from forming. This is a particularly sticky problem in a hot climate such as Peoria’s. This crack protection prevents water from penetrating through, keeping your roof safe. Polyurethane spray foam is among the very finest materials for maintaining the temperature of your home. Roofing is measured using R-value, measuring how well it holds up against heat flow. Polyurethane spray foam is at R-7. For comparison, wood is below R-1. Foam is sprayed in several layers, resulting in a thick coating with redundant protection. Even if the uppermost layer is compromised, deeper layers will prevent water from seeping in. Repair is simple, and contractors have the option of either sealing holes with caulk or respraying with a fresh layer of polyurethane spray foam.

Spray foam is lightweight. The foam will not add significant weight to your roof, meaning it won’t factor as much into uplift (air pressure exerted against the roof) during strong storms.

Spray foam is cost effective. Between the installation cost and the nearly 50-year lifespan of polyurethane spray foam, your dollar goes a lot further than with alternative roofing systems. As long as proper caution is taken, these kinds of roofs typically do not require any significant maintenance costs over its lifespan. Additionally, by applying polyurethane spray foam, you may pay only 25% of the overall cost of your original roof for a complete reroof of your system.


Note that polyurethane spray foam roofing is not the cheapest roofing system in terms of upfront costs. You get what you pay for, and cheaper alternatives may be using watered down formulas. For this reason, we recommend avoiding do-it-yourself solutions from home improvement stores. If you want your roofing to last up to 50 years, you should pay the price needed to keep your building safer for longer.

Your Peoria Spray Foam Roofing Specialists

Landmark Roofing has over 40 years of roofing experience, and we are known across Arizona not only as the flat roofing specialists, but contractors that can tackle any roofing work, big or small. You can rest assured your roofing needs will be met, and that you will be met with the quality customer service that we are known for.

At Landmark Roofing, we set ourselves apart from other contractors by only using high quality materials that are UL certified. All of our employees follow standardized practices, meaning we replicate our success across every roof we work on in Peoria. We are so confident of our work that we also provide a guarantee of labor for any leaks that may occur within ten years. When we consult with you, we’ll always give you our honest and straightforward opinion on your roofing needs. We won’t try to upsell you anything you don’t need, so whether you are in the market for Peoria spray foam roofing or other roofing solutions, give us a call today!

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